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Just like congurgating a spanish word like e,es,e,emos,en. Boner is congurgated I bone, you bone, s/he bones, we bone, and they bone
We bonemos'd all night long cuz of all the hot girls
by Angela March 02, 2005
1. A geek who resides in the alcove of the lower common room at the university of auckland.

2. A geek
Angela likes to shag alcovians in her office.
by Angela October 10, 2004
a chinese gurl that goes to my scool who is very easily amused lol haha yayan
yayan rox my sox lol
by angela May 24, 2004
A Straight Man who is: Tidy, Enjoys cooking, Is a neat freak, Likes to shop, Gets expensive Haircuts, Is probably often mistaken for gay, Uses the word "Yummy", Wears Jewelry, And is really really Nit Picky.
Yes, My stepfather is a Metrosexual.
by Angela November 24, 2003
Very thin person who's bones show through their skin
an anorexic girl
by Angela September 21, 2003
When your a boreing person
That girls so lutty i fell asleep eating cheese with her
by angela March 11, 2005
to avoid something.
"naaah - it'll be crap - let's flag it. "
by angela June 06, 2003

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