69 definitions by Angela

to avoid something.
"naaah - it'll be crap - let's flag it. "
by angela June 06, 2003
this word is alot like bomb.com or nina.com it means totally awesome. basically the coolest thing ever. or it could be just a really great time.
dude. i cant believe you just did that. you are so bomb.gov/cia.

dude that band totally rocked. totally bomb.gov/cia
by angela June 11, 2004
go down dancin wit ur booty wit someone else
when i dip u dip we dip!
by angela October 07, 2003
word used to describe if you had sex with someone
So did you skoo him?

by Angela February 28, 2005
another word for cool
jesse's very riteous
by Angela February 05, 2004
let get down
on the dance flo lets get DOWN
by angela October 07, 2003
its a word for a slut it means the local bicyle dats slept with every1 including those of the same sex
haha shes a mongoose

yer innit
by angela February 27, 2005

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