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91 definitions by Angel

Admin with a short attention span and an even shorter penis.

aka BAN Fanatic

Complete joke of an admin at Tech-PC forums.
Power hungry, massive inferiority complex, under achiever, penis challenged, illiterate, prick and cockmaster are just a few words to explain the personality of this anal retentive.

Apparently, word on the street says he likes people to sign him up for gay pr0n, watersports and shemale mailing lists ;)
'OMFG - WTF! Angel just pwned my Hotmail account' - AMD Fanatic
by Angel March 11, 2004
87 15
Similiar to the Holy Grail; the ultimate; the highest plateau one can achieve while still living.
"Dog, you gotta get to this party. Forget the concert, forget your girl, Jose has about 10 nekkid puertorican girls there who just graduated cathlic school." Just lovely.
by Angel August 21, 2004
112 41
Scottish and geordie term of affection (from honey).
Welcome home, hinny.
by Angel February 24, 2005
110 42
Spanish word that means homosexual woman (lesbian).
That manly woman looks like a tortillera to me.
by angel January 18, 2005
83 24
means shit in Yiddish
Get that piece of drek away from me!
by angel May 30, 2004
93 34
1. A computer gamer that competes in the official tournaments of the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL).

2. The term is sometimes used to define a person that competes in computer game tournaments for cash prizes.

3. A registered trademark of the parent company of the CPL.
- fatality is the league's top cyberathlete
by angel October 06, 2003
61 14
Geordie word short for: all right? or how are you?
Also: I'm all right.
Also: A greeting.
Areet? Why aye man.
How's you? Areet.
by Angel February 24, 2005
67 21