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"omgo" is a extended version of the word "omg".
Mostly, people find "omgo" to be more
awesome than just "omg", and this may

be caused by the fact that most people do

not understand the meaning of it.

"omgo" was first found used in a pre game match
in a game developed by "Riot Games" called
"Leagues og Legends". The other team members immediately
asked what it meant and the answer
they got was suprising. It simply meant "Oh My God Oh".
"omgo" is used exactly the same way as "omg", but it
kind of makes the word a bit more exiting.

OMG: "omg! say ss u n00b!"

OMGO: "omgo! say ss u n00b!"
by Einaza June 21, 2011
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OMGOES is obsessively said by coaster geeks who have nothing better to do with their time than constantly go "OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD”. Also, it is considered chavvy and therefore to be taking the piss out of chavs, but the geeks who say it end up so obsessed that they practically become chavs themselves. Conclusion: shut the fuck up.
"OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD"
"OMGOES teh Thorpe Park rox0r"
"OMGOES its teh Slammer"
by Billy Bob January 06, 2005

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