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The process whereby a person obsesses over the amount of bass that their sound system can produce to such an extent that any song they play is completely unrecognisable.

Popular among gary boys, chavs and douchebags in general.
My brother has been playing Hits From The Bong all weekend and I only realised yesterday because of all the bass rape
by AndyTheRoo January 23, 2011
To say something innocent in an unfortunate context that causes it to become hurtful or otherwise controversial.
"These two guys are gay"
"Thanks for letting me know, it doesn't bother me but I wouldn't want to drop a clanger"
by AndyTheROo November 30, 2011
A person who always opens your post, although it is clearly addressed to you, and you want to open it yourself. This can be boiled down to a paranoia that you will soon receive a summons to Hogwarts.
My brother opened my Amazon package, he's such a bloody dursley.
by AndyTheRoo May 21, 2011
The resistance in popularity created by a film which is good in itself being attributed to a popular franchise, this dragging the overall quality of the film down.
Terminator Salvation would be good, if it was just called Salvation, and preferably didn't involve Christian Bale. Tacking it on after Rise Of The Machines contributed a vast amount of franchise drag.
by AndyTheRoo October 17, 2010
An activity in which two people both embrace the same person from opposite sides simaultaneously.
Let's both hug Abbie and make a hug sandwich!
by AndyTheRoo December 04, 2010
Sleeping in the bed of someone else, due to a lack of comfort or sheer drunken madness.
Outrageous, you should try them for bed piracy
by AndyTheRoo September 16, 2010
The search conducted by lonesome males for females that are so unattractive and/or morally bankrupt and/or blind and/or cheap that they will definitely sleep with them.
Dude this is such a sausagefest, it's about time we went on a gruffalo hunt.
by AndyTheRoo April 21, 2011
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