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A descriptive term used to describe a bosom of notable proportions.
Hey man, check out that monster set of mams
by AndyTheRoo April 12, 2011
The result of insulting a wealthy English person into the upper class equivalent of a psychopathic rage; specifically, shaking so much that they spill their tea.

Not to be confused with talentless "musician" Tempah T.
David Cameron is owed a Tea Temper, all over his trust funded crotch.
by AndyTheRoo April 23, 2011
An event in which it is guaranteed and widely known that no females will be present. Commonly used to describe poker nights, sci-fi marathons and LAN parties.
Man, I'm not going to Connor's curry night, it's a confirmed sausage fest
by AndyTheRoo April 21, 2011
A combination of the words lame and vampire used to describe the new wave of lame vampires currently popular among teenage girls and creepy middle aged women.
Nah, I don't go for that Lampire rubbish, I prefered it in the good old days when they were all played by Christopher Lee
by AndyTheRoo February 15, 2011
Bridesmaid I'd love to facebook. As defined by Russell Howard to describe Pippa Middleton.
Listen Wills, I know you're my brother and all, but I'm gonna have a crack at Kate's sister, she's a real brilf.
by AndyTheRoo May 06, 2011

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