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a mixed region.. made up of woodbridge (rich jews) and Bethany (the awsome hicks) and there school has mold growing in it
wow amity is a peice of shit town
by Andrew Pugliese March 03, 2004
When one street baller challanges another street baller to a 1 on 1 game of basketball.. this word derived one of the biggest ballers on the streets of amity... Andrew Pugliese AKA Hot Sauce
by Andrew Pugliese June 23, 2004
ramen is delichious soup thats mad cheap. there are many different variations of ramen. theres chicken, roast chicken, beef, pork, oriental, shrimp, cajun, lime shrimp, and thats about it. oh yeah theres wonton ramen in cups that come in chicken and pork i highly reccomend them to ramen fans.

ramen is cheap delishious and i got it down were i can make it in a solid 6 minuets. ramen can be eaten any time of the day and as much as wanted.
ramen touches ur tounge in ways never thought possipal
by Andrew Pugliese January 08, 2005
Damn think of how nasty taht is a SCAB on a clit
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that must hurt
by Andrew Pugliese June 23, 2004
if ur playing a magical ps2 xbox or pc game that is a rpg... IT WILL HAVE A BATTLE AXE if it doesnt... well it aint a magical rpg
once i get to level 123066 i will beable to get onferiondex with my battle axe wich enables me 2 shoot fire out of my battle axe!
by Andrew Pugliese January 01, 2005
amen.. i completely agree
i hate gothic people.. expecially the jolly gothic people
by Andrew Pugliese January 01, 2005
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