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Cutting a male friend out of your life. The equivalent of "breaking up" with one of your buddies.
Fuckin' Bruce was being such a tool the other night. He broke my microwave and then Carl said he saw him jerking off in my bathroom. I can't stand that dude's bullshit anymore. I'm gonna have to get an abrotion."
by Andrew Flint May 29, 2007
A random person. That person who stays after the party and hangs out with you and all of your friends, but who no one actually knows. It derives from calling such a person a "rando", which morphed into "Marlon rando", and finally just "marlon".
Who's that fucking marlon in the corner? I totally just saw hiim finish off the whisky, and now he's trying to hit on my girlfriend. What a lame marlon.

Man, let's get out of here. this party is a total marlon-fest.
by Andrew Flint February 07, 2007
The character you assume when you've had far too much to drink and float through a party as if a hovering specter.
Nah son, I din't see you boot on the carpet, cause I was hovering all Count Drunkula style above that shit. Then I caught brains.
by Andrew Flint September 21, 2007
To call someone on the telephone. The phrase originates from the silent vibration mode on most cell phones. When the phone rings, your pocket vibrates.
1) I was like 2 fuckin thrusts away from nutting in her ass then some motherfucker started vibin' on my pocket and I lost my wood. It was fuckin' Clarence! I'ma ice that motherfucker.

2) Why excuse me sir. I believe someone is vibing on your pocket. It might behoove you to answer it.
by Andrew Flint October 08, 2007
Unprotected sex, usually while during a drunken hook up.
"Why does Steve look so sad today"
"Cause he totally had unpro with Jennifer last night, and she's banged ever dude on the football team. I bet she's dripping with the clap."
"I just drank five shots of Wild Turkey. Now I just gots to get some unpro tonight!"
by Andrew Flint May 11, 2007
A derisive nickname used out of affection and friendly competition.
Hey there Nicholas. Or should I say DICKolas! Hahaha. I just insinuated that you are a faggot. But you know I love you bro, and that the razzonym which I have applied to you stems from jest and jest alone. You are my Brohamlet til the bropocalypse comes.
by Andrew Flint April 21, 2008
Repulsive old wenches who dwell in the rushes around secluded ponds. Some claim they have a respiratory system similar to that of a lungfish, while others assert that pond hags extract oxygen from rusted cans and childrens' tears. Emerging exclusively by moonlight, they've been known to hector and vex the purest of souls with their skillful and relentless haggery.
I was blazing a fat L by the pond when some sketchy ass pond hags started throwing sea weed and shit at me. What a bunch of twats.
by Andrew Flint June 19, 2007
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