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Cutting a male friend out of your life. The equivalent of "breaking up" with one of your buddies.
Fuckin' Bruce was being such a tool the other night. He broke my microwave and then Carl said he saw him jerking off in my bathroom. I can't stand that dude's bullshit anymore. I'm gonna have to get an abrotion."
by Andrew Flint May 29, 2007
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stopping a friend from doing a terribly bro-y thing
Dude, I'm so glad my friend gave me an abrotion last night. I almost wore a double popped collar.
by raz2334 February 24, 2012
When a bro has his broness removed by his female or signifigant other.
Dude I asked eric to go to the bar with us but his woman wouldn't let him go. I think he's gotten an abrotion."
by phylar May 22, 2011
That special sinking feeling you get when you do something and you instantly realize that you've damned yourself with that action.
Oh shit, did I just do that? I'm totally getting an abrotion right now.
by Pankster March 31, 2009

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