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89 definitions by Andrea

A guy who spins crap.
"This DJ flow spiels."
by Andrea March 02, 2005
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of course my friend
Did you get the new Mary J. Blige CD?
Fo shizzle my nizzo!!!
by Andrea September 18, 2003
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A person that likes to have sex with little people(midgets,hobbits,dwarfs). Or likes to watch little people(midgets,hobbits,dwarfs) have sex. Or some one that is a little person that likes to have sex with other little people (midgets,hobbits,dwarfs).
My friend is such a Wee Lover he had sex with a midget the other night. Oh my god I am such a Wee Lover I watched some midget porn the other night.
by Andrea February 13, 2005
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Describing something horrible or ugly.
That is a heinous color

Your sweat shirt is heinous
by Andrea July 29, 2004
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Means bigger than enormous and gigantic
King Kong is ginormous
by Andrea April 07, 2004
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a feeling of love for another so deep no one can see it and only you and this other person can feel it
everytime i see him i feel all shlubberlybub
by andrea March 24, 2004
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noun; a hybrid canadian/vermonter with a fetish for liquid cheese
"That Fuckin' Sok won't quit until we all live in trailer parks."
by andrea November 27, 2003
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