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89 definitions by Andrea

A guy who spins crap.
"This DJ flow spiels."
by Andrea March 02, 2005
of course my friend
Did you get the new Mary J. Blige CD?
Fo shizzle my nizzo!!!
by Andrea September 18, 2003
A person that likes to have sex with little people(midgets,hobbits,dwarfs). Or likes to watch little people(midgets,hobbits,dwarfs) have sex. Or some one that is a little person that likes to have sex with other little people (midgets,hobbits,dwarfs).
My friend is such a Wee Lover he had sex with a midget the other night. Oh my god I am such a Wee Lover I watched some midget porn the other night.
by Andrea February 13, 2005
Describing something horrible or ugly.
That is a heinous color

Your sweat shirt is heinous
by Andrea July 29, 2004
Means bigger than enormous and gigantic
King Kong is ginormous
by Andrea April 07, 2004
a feeling of love for another so deep no one can see it and only you and this other person can feel it
everytime i see him i feel all shlubberlybub
by andrea March 24, 2004
noun; a hybrid canadian/vermonter with a fetish for liquid cheese
"That Fuckin' Sok won't quit until we all live in trailer parks."
by andrea November 27, 2003