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The Cappies is an award ceremony similar to the Tony's but for High School Theatre.
High Schools in certain areas of the US and now Canada, sign up one of their plays or musicals during a school year for Cappie critics to come. Then they follow certain guide lines for the production. At the end of the school year, the critics vote on the different shows for different awards. Then there is a big gala where the awards are presented and excerpts from some of the shows are preformed.
-Wow! That kid was soo good in (school's Play->)_________, they should totally win the Cappie for best play!
-That school's production should win a lot of Cappies at the gala
by Andrea June 17, 2006
A thin shirt made out of a stretchy material worn by surfers. It is worn on the upper body to protect from reef rash.
Brian wore a Rash Guard after that big hit he took last month and tore up his back.
by Andrea May 06, 2005
hardly, except for stupid people
i hordly know how to spell my own name.
by Andrea January 07, 2005
Something that makes you mad. From the word miff. Like "maddening" but that's not a word either. Or disappointing.
Also a form of the verb of 'miff'.
The lack of Killers' concerts in Northern Canada is absolutely miffing!

She kept miffing me off by trying to steal my copy of Hot Fuss!

I was in quite a miffing situation when the people were taking pictures of me and Brandon!
by Andrea June 07, 2005
Like sleep. Named for the 'zzz' often seen over cartoon characters' and sims' heads.
Also a verb in the form of 'to zazz'
1) Dude, it's way late. I have to go zazzers, good night!
2) I'm so totally zonked, I need to go zazzers. zzz....
3) I zazzed for three hours last night.
4) My room-mate is zazzing right now, can I take a message?
by Andrea April 05, 2005
The process in which one turns into an old Chinese woman who eats a lot of eggrolls and has a small wang.
Spending too much time with Amanda seemed to be causing Phillip to go through the process of brueggeization.
by Andrea February 05, 2005
Fo true is just a replacement for for real, really, truly etc.
person 1: this drass if $2,000!
person 2: fo true?
by Andrea July 29, 2004

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