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Slang for webcamming. Providence: chatrooms and chat apps such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. Often implies cybersex.
"I was camming with this really hot guy from Gerogia yesterday named Blake."
by jayb May 08, 2005
The state of acting Cam

Playing absolutely terrible in any role in league of legends. You are playing literally worse than a gorilla smacking his schlong all over the keyboard.

Aw dude i'm camming so hard right now, i can't play support
Dude you are terrible at league, you are always camming in every game i play with you
by iH4teCamer0n June 29, 2014
crying and masturbating (c.a.m-ing). also considered multitasking.
"man, i thought about my ex-girlfriend, and before i knew it, i was camming.
by cam-master September 16, 2010
To overtake someone while driving when your engine is at the amount of revs that offer peak acceleration so that the slower vehicle is dispatched in the minimum amount of time (when the engine in on the "cam"). This is best demonstrated in a car with a manual gearbox by dropping a gear or two in order to raise the engine revs.
"I'm sick of being stuck behind this guy. After the next bend I'm going to do a bit of camming on him."
by mr2mike June 30, 2009
the act of orally stimulating the female genitalia; "Munching the beaver," "macking box"
I cammed stalker last night and she came on my face
by Meegerson June 30, 2004
To leave work early, especially on a Friday, for activities such as golf or drinking.
"This week has been brutal. I am camming out of here on Friday."
by Kevin Essington July 12, 2008
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