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Its like a growling noice
Lucy: come to mine
amy: but i dont want to
Lucy: please please
amy: oh grrr face!
by Amy February 25, 2005
a girl/guy you would do only if desperate.
"She's a pinch." or "If she gained a couple of pounds she'd be approaching pinch status."
by Amy September 06, 2004
Usally a girl who attempts to drive a car and stalls it frequently and 'bunnyhopps' down the road shagging the steering colum. Also known as a third wheel. Is always bored, very hard to entertain and fidgity. Needs to know the agenda of the full week in advance!
Common phase of a chuggy ' Im bored!' Oh my god look at her woooo shes soo fat! Look at her hair! Whatttt!!!!
What a freaky bitch!
by Amy June 10, 2004
a sexy mo fo who lives at 35 torchros way ;) n hes mine hands off
phhwaarrr have u seen wrighty hes a sexy mo fo!
by amy July 13, 2004
One female having eight vaginas, or one looking like having eight vaginas.
Matt Zylman was licking Mrs.Pafias's (a very fat lady) octopussy all afternoon.
Matt: Mrs.Pafias you have the nicest octopussy ever!
Mrs.Pafias: You have the tiniest dick Matt!
by Amy February 05, 2005
tooti is a word best decribed to a male or female willing to show genital region!
oh my god rohan is a tooti
she just showed me her genital region
by amy February 05, 2005
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