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answer phone, sign for packages, sit and do practically nothing all day..get bitched at by over caffinated people on the other end of the phone
receptionist: im sorry i dont have theitr personal number but i can transfer you.
caffine freak: GAH fine i guess *sigh*
by mouse_347 August 21, 2007
Used as a verb, to give someone a receptionist is to hold out your open hand, palm up - in a cupping gesture - when they're walking towards you. This works best when they are either gay or unsuspecting of your receptioning. The receptionist is complete when they unknowingly walk into your palm so that their testicles, or in the case of clothes their crotch and associated parts, fit snugly into your hand. The receptionist may then maintain a hold, release, or squeeze twice while reciting "Honk," depending on the occasion.
Yo watch this *holds out hand, palm up.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna give Eli a receptionist.
*Eli walks towards person, his balls land in their palm*
Receptionist completed.
by DickPick3000 February 10, 2011
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