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ManChick-Man who can throw on a wig and Heels and look like a Chick
ChickMan-Chick who looks like a Man
"That is one ugly ManChick"
by Ami January 21, 2004
In reference to video games; it's usually the first Nintendo games. (esp. Mario) Possibly SNES games.
Old school Mario games were the best.
by Ami December 22, 2002
A Japanese word, basically the equivalent of 'loser'.

Many Western anime/manga fans use it as a positive term for themselves, even though it is in fact negative.

However, there are people who know its correct use but are proud of being one anyway; just as some people are proud to call themselves 'losers'.
"Put that manga down and go outside, you otaku!"
by Ami April 17, 2004
Another way to say someone gives "head"
"i heared that chick gives some nice wobbles"
by Ami March 03, 2003
Redneck way of saying alright.
Person 1: Did ya eat yet?
Person 2: No, you?
Person 1: Aah-ite
by Ami February 10, 2005
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