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An exclamation of the highest form of triumph.
"Found a tenner - mooha!"
"That party was a bit mooha"
by Stellar Stella September 30, 2006
50 24
The sound made by a cow when they are amused.
The cow responded with mooha after hearing the joke of the travelling bull.
by John C Miller August 09, 2006
13 4
Means fly, as in the "bug" in polish
Kill that mooha!
by Iknoweverything July 03, 2003
6 3
1. A shortened form of an evil laugh; aka 'mwahahaha' = 'mooha'

2. Can also be used as an insult.
"Mooha! I will rule the world." (wtf???)

"Caitie, you are such a... mooha."
by kisskissbangbang_x August 28, 2006
7 7
mooha quite frankly means "loser" although it can be used in any format to describe anything! you could switch it with a naughty word to say mooha off!
I am a mooha
I am a loser!
by lozo October 24, 2003
6 13
1.the sound made by a deer.
2.another name for a deer.
moohi is plural.
1."deers mooha", said sally.
2.watch out for all the moohi.
by Tilly December 02, 2002
3 11
rock on little spearing may the mooha never die ROBOT KING!
by angelus August 14, 2003
9 18