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7 definitions by AlterEgo

a. an insult used to describe something or someone stupid.
That song is heap.

Deege is heap.
by alterego April 13, 2005
32 22
The plural of ninjor.

Like the plural of ninja is ninja, the plural of ninjor is ninjor.
alterego totally skooled me like a pack of ninjor.
by alterego September 26, 2003
5 2
A portable rest room or toilet. Possibly derived from the need to pull down one's knickers in the outhouse. In Australian slang today, an outhouse is a "dunny".
The Donniker at the concert smells real bad.
by AlterEgo December 13, 2012
2 0
A girl on a carnival that screws a different guy on the carnival every other day. In other words a whore.
The meaning also applies to circuses too.
Cindy is the possum belly queen of the show.
by AlterEgo June 02, 2013
0 0
Huge meat curtains hangin all out.
I almost suffocated in that 80 year old porn star's trunk cunt.
by alterego September 27, 2003
9 9
An insult. Synonymous to 'tool' used as an insult.
That kn0b was a simple utility.
by alterego September 28, 2003
17 22
m4d l337 n1nj0r
alterego totally pwned me. with a headshot. now i'm headless.
by alterego September 22, 2003
8 23