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The greatest rap group ever, consisting of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. They owned the west coast in the early 90s.
Comin' Straight Outa Compton
by Alomar December 01, 2004
A television show that glorifies human flaws for our enjoyment
American Idol fucking sucks
by Alomar January 26, 2005
A comedian who USED to be funny.
What happened Eddie? Did Daddy Day Care kill your career?
by Alomar January 26, 2005
The shit that you wear
Bitch, put on your clothes
by Alomar January 26, 2005
Cocaine. Usually mother of pearl or china white.
Yo son, you wanna cop some blow?
by Alomar November 27, 2004
The DJ of the rap Group NWA
Even if Yella, makes it accopella
by Alomar January 27, 2005
3rd member of the triumvirate called the Beastie Boys
He's got the deep Brooklyn accent

see also Adam Yauch
MCA, where have you been?
by Alomar January 26, 2005
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