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you spelt it wrong you fucking moron
its assassin, idiot!
by Allah August 03, 2004
The sweat produced by your scrotum that posesses its own unique and tangy scent.
"Dude, I jerked off in the sauna, and now my hands are covered in ball-sweat!"
by Allah February 02, 2005
Saturday Morning Cartoon
Silly Rabbit, Kryptix are for Kids.
by Allah December 19, 2002
The act (or art) of rubbing one's hand in one's asscrack for approx. 5 minutes, then using that same hand to shake hands with someone.

As a result, the person's hand will smell like ass for at least a week, and his/her friends and family will wonder if they know how to properly wipe themselves.

First seen in the movie Mallrats.
"Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?"
by Allah February 02, 2005
Fish-shaped crackers that are baked, not fried.
Dat bitch's gonna pop yo punk ass because yo ate dems GoldFish, yo .
by ALLAH January 12, 2004
A noise made using the nasal passages. Used to express anything, from discontent to excitement. Often confused for an acronym by idiots.
"Hey dude, what's up?"
by Allah February 01, 2005
The crud that comes out of your ass
somin smells like fartgas..
by ALLAH October 13, 2003
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