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When somebody sticks there hand up there sweaty ass and shakes your hand. Its mostly called chocolate covered pretzel because of the movie Mallrats and because a character does it and gives someone chocolate covered pretzels as food.
Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?
by D Arps November 15, 2008
Sticking your hand down your pants and wiping on your ass. The offending hand is then used to handle a victim's goods and/or to shake their hand.
Offender: There's that guy I hate...
Friend: What you gonna do?
Offender: Offer him a chocolate-covered pretzel!

(Offender wipes his hand on his brown eye)

Victim: Hi, how are you?
Offender: Fine thanks, you?

(They shake hands, mission accomplished)
by n3ptun0x May 27, 2006
When someone wipes there ass with their hands and then handles a chocolate covered pretzel.
Would anyone like a chocolate covered pretzel.
by longranger August 28, 2003
When a man is finished having anal sex with his partner, and the partner then proceeds to perform fellatio, thus having themself a nice chocolate treat.

Afterwards, the partner may even enjoy a salty snack to go with it.
Monica, did you enjoy the chocolate covered pretzel?
by DwarZZ October 05, 2005