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A place where Americans are dying, because they never should have been there.
cause of death: Iraq.
by AllUltima February 19, 2005
1) Some fat, arrogant Canadian who thinks stereotypes, hypocracy, and obvious lack of research are powerful persuasive methods.

2) One who attempts to challenge the obvious.
Toobis wrote "What idiot gave women the right to vote anyways?" and "Hitler: was he really so bad?"
by AllUltima February 20, 2005
The act of wasting a bunch of time rewriting old source code in an attemp to make it understandable, usable, and expandable.
wtf... 1200 lines in one function? Don't try to refactor that, just rewrite it.
by AllUltima February 18, 2005
1) According to legend, the apprentice of the sword-smithing master, Masamune

2) A sword forged by Muramasa. Sometimes thought to be cursed or violent.

3) A sword used in RPGs, usually more violent/vengeful and inferior to the Masamune.
I used the Muramasa until I finally got the Masamune.
by AllUltima February 20, 2005
The first quality playstation emulator, which can run many games absolutely beautifully and perfect speed, most quite well, and only a handful with serious issues. Because the graphics/sound/cd handling functions are module-based, its quite expandable/customizable. Freeware.

Stands for "Enhanced PlayStation Emulator."
FFT runs great on my ePSXe but i have to use the old one for Chrono Cross.
by AllUltima February 19, 2005
A quest unique item acquired in the catacombs of Diablo (by Blizzard Entertainment). Quite good when you first get it.
It's time you get a weapon with more attack power than dreamflange.
by AllUltima February 18, 2005
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