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Masamune is a sword found in every Final Fantasy game, since the conception of the series. It was the strongest weapon in the first final fantasy game, and is the sword weilded by sephiroth during the game final fantasy seven.
wow, Masamune is so long!
by MathMidget April 30, 2006
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A legendary japanese swordsmith who made "holy" swords that wouldn't cut through anything innocent. He used the famous 7-layer crafting style.
Masamune's swords are the opposite of Muramasa, because Muramasa's swords were hungry for blood and often "possessed" their owner.
by Lovl Utou October 11, 2011
1. A sword in Final Fantasy wielded by Sephiroth. The sharp cutting part of the blade is 8 linear feet. A very huge sword.

To visualize using a sword like this, pick up a F96T12 fluorescent light bulb, only that the hilt sticks out further where the pin at the end would go. Take the fluorescent tube and whack someone across the back with it (people actually do this on Youtube videos!). Congratulations, your friend just got a slight taste of the masamune's sheer power.

2. When you perform a masamune it's when you do the act with the fluoro tube in #1.

3. They make a masamune that you can buy online, but it is much shorter (58 inches +/- 12 inch) because reality technology hasn't caught up with the technology fictional world of Final Fantasy (schizo tech). Even then, today's masamune is very long for a samurai sword. Not too pleasant to use for harakiri rituals (especially in reality where there's no respawn).
1. Sephiroth's Masamune cut through both edges of the hydrogen-filled gasbag on the airship at once.

2. In 2008 I want to give my friend a masamune and inhale some mercury.

3. Memere bought the masamune from Quickly Vanishing Cash.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 23, 2007

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