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Another word for the female lower frontal genitalia.
"Dude, he totally grabbed for her va-HEEN-ya and she totally kicked him in the balls."
by alison August 27, 2005
A very mild curse word. Even parents who make their kids binge when they just say "shut up" to their brother, sometimes don't mind this word. So, it is often used by those kids to mean any other curse word of their choice.
"Oh no! A bird just damned not shitted on my window!"

"Go to Damn, you damn-hole!"
by Alison May 15, 2005
Derives from the word "certainly," and means "certainly."
"You suck"
"I bertainly do!"
by Alison November 07, 2004
A horrible teacher who can't control his own class.

It started in his freshman geometry class.
He's such a horrible teacher. Almost as bad as Chiffer.
by Alison July 22, 2004
A really, REALLY awesome screamo band from Dover Plains, New York.
Gee, I wish MY screamo band was as amazing as Apathy Season...
by alison June 01, 2004
A half man half woman who has lots of freckles and was invented by the wonderful geniuses, Sami and Alison. It pretty much means, a nerd.
Hah, look at that Melvin Crotchnick. I bet he has no friends at school.

"Eww, get away from me, you Melvin!"
by Alison March 06, 2005
The feminine of cuh, "cuh" meaning cuz or cousin, which is a guy; and "guh" meaning girl, which is, obviously a girl.
Andy: Hey! What are you up to, Guh?

Alison: Awh, not to much, Cuh, what about you?
by alison June 30, 2005

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