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45 definitions by Alison

the print outs that come out when you replace the paper in the printer. obviously someone else didnt realize there was no paper left and so printed their stuff like 12 times, all of which did not work. a waste of paper and really annoying because its almost impossible to stop.
O man, i just wanted to print one page, but i had to deal with the printer vomit first.
by Alison November 27, 2004
fucking around for shits and giggles!
guy1:you have a fatass son!
guy2: FO SHO!
by alison October 28, 2003
another way of saying "fuck you"
"hey, mr. potopalise! GONDA!!"
by alison March 18, 2005
Good friend, fun, intelligent and witty. A very good horserider as well! ;)
wow, i wish i was fauve.
by alison May 03, 2004
person is too confident
he is always up himself
by alison November 29, 2003
An adjective used to describe the character of one who has been hopelessly debilitated by all things rock and roll.
Ozzy Osbourne is so rockatarded... he can hardly walk, he's so fried out!
by Alison August 16, 2003
A pimple that shows up right on the point of your nose at the worst time possible, i.e. Prom, your first date, etc.
"Awh, this is just my luck... a nimple on picture day!"
by alison June 30, 2005