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means "Of course you idiot"
"Did you know he was gay?"
by Alison February 08, 2005
Extremely ugly; probably derived from "beat with the ugly stick"
Man, I thought she'd have some hot friends, but boy, were they beat!
by Alison July 23, 2002
An evil - tempered woman
Mrs Kirsch is a shrew when she as our period 3 math class.
by Alison March 23, 2003
The cutest, bestest, hobit ever, that is sensitive and wonderful. Frodo wouldn't have gotten any were without him. Anywhere I say!
That Samwise is the best.
by Alison April 20, 2004
A phrase describing the common text-icon '<3' which is used to signify love, heart, etc.
Goodbye...my less than three
by alison January 20, 2004
Being incredibly good-looking
He's a hot fuck!
by Alison October 20, 2003
Fifty five, group x style.
"Girlfriend's age? schfifty five. My IQ? schfifty five."
by alison January 20, 2004

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