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1. Sure or For Sure, most likely derived from "Fo' Shiz" or "Fo' Shizzle"
2. Shit. Most likely derived from "Shizzit."
Marisa: Hey, are you going to Battle of the Bands?
Alison: Shiz man.

"What a piece of shiz!"
by Alison May 15, 2005
stupid, lame; of or pertaining to an unwanted or unwelcomed situation. also used to describe something sticky.
avi is so crunk.
by alison February 16, 2004
One absolute dickhead. The biggest cocknocker in all the land.
Swan: UUhhhh, im a dickhead
Guy: You are such a swan.
NOTE: Swan might actually say something decent, but it just comes out as "I'm a dickhead" to everyone else.
by alison July 20, 2003
someone who is mean and has an attitude.
yo dude, that bitch got snarkily with me so i punched her in the face.
by Alison April 21, 2005
silly awkward fat person
Bert sure does look like a goober when he tries to freestyle
by alison August 28, 2003
Someone who takes something said by a person, and repeats it over and over again in an american accent in order to make fun of them.
Guy1: (in the middle of a conversation) ... and then the jackass....
Swan: (American accent) Jackass!! Jackass!! Jackass!!
Guy2: Goddamn swan is such a dickhead
by alison July 20, 2003
This word can basically mean any adjective, but in most cases, it will either mean gross, old, and/or ugly (see grody). It can also mean, however, cool or tight.
"Eww I need a new comfortor, mine's all crusty-like."

"Dude, I love Mickey, that kid's so crusty."
by Alison May 15, 2005

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