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43 definitions by Alex Stockwell

Ku Klux Klan, O.C. Skinheads, Aryan Brotherhood, IRA, various militia nuts and rednecks, and a bunch of pissed off Arabs.

Red State Definition:

1. Anyone of Arabic descent.
2. Anyone who questions President Bush.
3. Anyone whose face you don't like.
1. Those guys who killed Matthew Shepard were terrorists.

2. I think that guy's a terrorist, he's a little on the swarthy side.
by Alex Stockwell November 10, 2007
A guy who doesn't subscribe to the notion that women are only attractive if they look like mummified corpses.
What are you, some kind of chubby chaser?

If I can call you a necrophiliac, than yes.
by Alex Stockwell November 10, 2007
Really obnoxious word for pizza, that no self-respecting person uses.
Next person to call it za is getting kicked in their nis.
by Alex Stockwell May 17, 2007
A big, steaming pile of bullshit.
Watch where you step out in that pasture, don't wanna get compassionate conservative on your shoes.
by Alex Stockwell May 09, 2007
An act that is apparently less blasphemous than homosexuality, according to millions of Southerners.
I would commit incest before I fucked a guy!
by Alex Stockwell November 10, 2007
Used to describe an extreme state of unwell. Comes from the phenomena of feces actually melting when one is suffering a dangerously high fever. Not to be confused with diarrhea, which is watered down shit.
I was so sick, I had liquid shit coming out of me.
by Alex Stockwell August 12, 2006
A bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
Are you telling me you're one of those uptight, blood-sucking republicans? Get against the wall!
by Alex Stockwell November 25, 2006