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The greatest athlete who ever lived. Multifaceted and multi dimensional- Rapechinsky is a living legend NBA, MLB, British Premier League soccer, Olympic steeplechase, and every other sport imaginable and been indoctrinated into every hall of fame including sports he's never played because its a foregone conclusion he would be dominant. He has excelled in everything he's participated in, including likely being the next president of the USA without even declaring himself a candidate and receiving the nobel prize for astrophysics without inventing anything. Recently made headlines when rape was legalized because he was discovered to be a serial rapist. In fact now rape is encouraged and taught to students at an early age thanks to Rapechinsky.
Rapechinsky is what we would get if Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet and Thomas Jefferson all inseminated Wonderwoman at the same time.
by Alabamaniac May 24, 2013
A person in favor for or who vouches for for the basic human right to rape with impunity.
The million man march were a bunch of niggers who were not actually matching for civil liberties but instead they were rapetivists who were marching for the right to rape white women without fear of reprisal
by Alabamaniac January 06, 2016
Placing your open anus hole on a random ladies nose while placing your sweaty wiener and balls on her forehead at the same time
I pulled off a Tennessee Hello on some stupid bitch just like the greatest QB of all time!
by Alabamaniac August 08, 2016
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