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Masturbating with a flaccid penis...
I tried to wank last night - but I never got past preliminary flacctibation
by Ahleeks March 14, 2011
Seeing a pair of boobs with no bra. A naked pair of breasts.
Ralph: "Wow, Jenny sure does have nice boobs!"
Rodney: "They're not great acoustic though man. Big let downs..."
by Ahleeks March 14, 2011
Flipping someone off with both hands whilst pulling a angry face and making a loud noise (usually a chimp noise).
Andy: "Dude I think Barry is gonna flip the chimp at you"
Paul: "Son of a bitch, so he is!"

Barry: "ahrghhha!"
by Ahleeks April 06, 2011
Used to express your anger at someone when they have annoyed you.
Johnson: "Nice t-shirt faggot"
Alberto: "Suck a shit Johnson, suck a shit!"
by Ahleeks March 14, 2011
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