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When a man is controlled by his girlfriend...almost entirely. To the point of embarresment when his friends tell him that his girlfriend has got him whipped.
Cam is totally whipped but not as bad as Swain.
by Ahh May 01, 2005
douche bag spelt wrong
yea i saw this fuckin bitch and i was like cunt doosh bag fucker
by ahh February 19, 2003
1)An act of violence usually caused by offending one's mother.

2)A party activity involving a skinny white male laying on the floor, being kicked in the ribs by many other large, usually blacker, men.
1)You say one mo' fing 'bout mah mumma and I gon' give ya a kickle, sucka!

2)Dat whitey-ass cracka's gettin' a Kickle, Yo dawg shibbidy dibbidy!

by Ahh September 24, 2003
Is actually pronounced "Heh-(rl)-ah" like the japanese because they can't use "L" so they can say "Lilly likes to lick lemons"
Ohhh it'sa herla hot today! We need to get sungrasses!
by Ahh September 03, 2003
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