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1) SecuROM is a CD/DVD copyright protection program installed with computer games, sometimes without the knowledge of the consumer, that acts a lot like malware. The idea behind SecuROM is to prevent pirating games, but, instead, it may limit a legitimate buyer's computer by automatically treating them as a criminal.

The extent of what SecuROM can do is up to the game publisher. BioShock was one of the first games to ship with SecuROM in which people were limited to "activating" the game three times before needing to call a toll tech support phone line to ask to be given another activation. A strike towards an activation could've been anything from reinstalling the game to downloading Windows updates.

2) To limit something beyond comprehension for no good reason at the expense of others.
Example 1): The following games ship with SecuROM: Armored Assault, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Neverwinter Nights 2, Command & Conquer 3, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Overlord, BioShock, Hellgate: London, Rayman Raving Rabbids, World in Conflict, Spore Creature Creator, and Spore.

Example 2):

Dude 1: My school SecuROMed my prom because they were worried about people acting out of their order.

Dude 2: The server master SecuROMed his site when he added a download limit per day.
by Agamemnon582bc September 14, 2008
A website made by fans of the Halo series who felt they were let down by Bungie's sequel, Halo 2. Commonly they are bashed by Halo 2 fans simply because of the domain name, and most, if not all, Halo 2 fans will bash them without ever actually going to the site.
Sheesh: Everyone from Halo2sucks.com are pistol-sniping whores!
Frank: Don't you whore rockets and the shee?
Sheesh: Hush you or no buttsecks.
by Agamemnon582bc September 20, 2006
A shishka is a slack-jawed animal with a hammer-like arm and potato-shaped head that mauls anything with an opinion.
"I think Halo 2 is flawed for these reasons..."
"Run while you can, man! Shishka is coming!"
by Agamemnon582bc September 16, 2006
An internetism that would warn users that what ever they were going to open would slow down their connection, such as a ton of pictures. However, since only 10% of Americans use dial up anymore, the term is of a general use to prenote that there is going to be a lot of content.
Thread title: "Jessica Alba vs. Jessica Biel (56k warning!)"
by Agamemnon582bc September 04, 2008
Rentware was a term coined in the days following the release of Spore, a critically acclaimed A title that shipped with SecuROM, a copyright protection program that limits what you can do with a game you purchase and may potentially harm your computer.

The term rentware describes the new direction the PC market has been going in, where buying a game does not mean you are actually purchasing a video game anymore, but more so the rights to play the game--as long as you are allowed to. For instance, if you do not get online every ten days for the game Spore, the game will then lock itself out and you will be prevented from playing it until reactivated, thus leaving you with a $50 coaster.
Dude 1: Hey man I just bought BioShock but I've used up my three activations and now I can't play the game anymore.

Dude 2: What did you expect from rentware? At least you now have a coaster.
by Agamemnon582bc September 14, 2008
Abbreviation for "You'll Grow Into It." YGII is an automatic response to those young stalwart lads who haven't quite hit manhood yet and talk about how "loose" things are, which is due, in part, to their small package.
Alex: (insert random girl's name here)'s loose.
David: YGII
Alex: ;_;
by Agamemnon582bc February 26, 2008
To be overtly defensive of something or someone on the basic premise that said person is willing to overlook logic and reason simply because they are too blinded by their obsession to even consider the possibility of criticism.
Harry: "Hellgate is a great game! Why, all the business decisions Flagship has made and everything they have done are all precise and sound marketing moves! There isn't a single flaw here!"
Bob: "Your fansanity knows no bounds."
by Agamemnon582bc May 12, 2008

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