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to be fucked or wasted
oh shit, im fucking blipped man
by Aaron May 19, 2003
19 7
To be shot by an automatic or semi-automatic pistol. Particularly if said pistol is above a 32 caliber.
Bartholomew Avery Cornwallis the Third was violently gunned down while attending a charity dinner at the esteemed Broadmoor Hotel last evening. Balistics have shown that the gunman was carrying a Desert Eagle, but local police have yet to identify the assailant.

by SkanMan aka Jim Garcia September 29, 2010
1 3
Defective, messed up, or otherwise janky.
DAYUMM! That bitch's face is blipped!

Shit, holmes. How do you get anywhere in that blipped ride o' yours?
by Lolita & Herb November 03, 2006
8 13
A shitty way of saying (owned) or (pwned)
you totaly blipped that guy that was ownage
by Exetairian odd ball November 17, 2005
2 18