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to be fucked or wasted
oh shit, im fucking blipped man
by Aaron May 19, 2003
To be shot by an automatic or semi-automatic pistol. Particularly if said pistol is above a 32 caliber.
Bartholomew Avery Cornwallis the Third was violently gunned down while attending a charity dinner at the esteemed Broadmoor Hotel last evening. Balistics have shown that the gunman was carrying a Desert Eagle, but local police have yet to identify the assailant.

by SkanMan aka Jim Garcia September 29, 2010
Defective, messed up, or otherwise janky.
DAYUMM! That bitch's face is blipped!

Shit, holmes. How do you get anywhere in that blipped ride o' yours?
by Lolita & Herb November 03, 2006
A shitty way of saying (owned) or (pwned)
you totaly blipped that guy that was ownage
by Exetairian odd ball November 17, 2005