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The act of slapping another person in the face with your cock. Hence leaving a large, red mark on their cheek.
That bitch wouldnt shut the fuck up so i had to fadunk her from across the room. Knocked the bitch out cold for two hours.
by Asshat November 18, 2003
Things you promise yourself you will do or accomplish, but try as you might you never will.
"This year I'm going to lose weight"
december 31, 2005, weight = 300 lb
"God damnit!!"
by Asshat December 31, 2004
Where you have a very deep cleft chin and it looks like a ass crack.
The advantage of an asschin is: you can blow your nose and wipe your ass at the same time>
by asshat January 22, 2003
Dysfunction. He owns you and all of your base. See also, manseks
I lubed up my Distunktshun, before I proceded to rub it's shaft.
by Asshat April 24, 2003
the only real government.
The king was tight so the people would say long live the king!
by Asshat January 23, 2005
a death elf with a serious enferiority complex.
EFC is such a larathiel
by asshat April 28, 2004
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