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Someone or something that is NOT funky.
MO FRO BRO: Hey, Huggy Bear! Come here! What's all this Disfunktshun I've been hearin' about? You been talkin' to Husky & Starch?

HUGGY BEAR: It's Starsky & Hutch. And the answer is "No, Bro, I don't even know who you'z talkin' about".

MO FRO BRO: Well, alright then. But, you know what?

HUGGY: What Bro?

MO FRO BRO: Why you 'ways walkin' around like some kinda chicken? You aint no Jim Kelly or Lenny Kravitz boy. You aint even a bad imitation of J.J. Walker.

HUGGY: But, I set you up with the best pussy in town, don't I?

MO FRO BRO: Sheeeit, Brutha, you got that straight! Can you set me up with Black Irish Bitch again? I think Dill's her name. She gives the BEST blowjobs.

HUGGY: Okay, but you can NOT ever try to fuck her Bro, cuz she is Jim Kelly's personal bitch, and if you use her for anything other than a fully clothed blowjob, Jim Kelly and Jim Brown will come over and beat yo' ass! And they might even call Shaft or Mr. T.

MO FRO BRO: No, it's cool, she gives the best cum-blasting H1 blowjobs I've ever had. She's a real cumpire, that bitch!

HUGGY: $50 Bro!

MO FRO BRO: Here ya go Huggy, you gots the best Black hoes in the world!

HUGGY: Even the white boys cum downtown for this shit! "Everybody's gone 'frican, 'frican USA!"

HEY! I am not a penis u wanker. I do own you and all your base though. :-D
Dysfunction stole all your bitches!
by Dysfunction September 15, 2003
Dysfunction. He owns you and all of your base. See also, manseks
I lubed up my Distunktshun, before I proceded to rub it's shaft.
by Asshat April 24, 2003
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