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Effeminate. Homosexual. Limp-wristed. Mincing qualities/mannerisms
Man 1: Have you seen that guy on the Target ads?
Man 2: Nah mate, who?
Man 1: Gok Wan..... he's such a fanigan
by aP August 17, 2013
Representing the lower class of society often called White Trash. Evansdale is home to over 181 Meth Labs, 16 Bars, 1 Clothing Shop, and 550 Trailors.

When termed "Evansale Resprents" you are claiming your city and proud to be another toothless meth dealer that rules the world.
Yo Yo, Evandale Represents!

Waterloo? That right outside of Evansdale?

You need Meth? Go to Evansdale!
by AP April 22, 2003
Off-road dirtbike rider who rides for 10 minutes, then takes a 20 minute break, busting out the jiffy-pop popcorn and having a couple of smokes. Also, any time-consuming adjustments to the dirtbikes are made AFTER the allotted break time, further delaying the ride, requiring using the choke to start the bike.
Damn, Lou, why are you such a jiffy-popper? We have ridden 4 miles and it's getting dark already.
by AP November 20, 2003
A multi-purpose word. Frequently used by so-called 'aper'.
Din fedda!
Jag vill ha fedda!
dajto e en fedda! (see 'dajto')
by ap January 16, 2003
get naked, sit indian style, do a handstand while still indian style, crap, and roll the crap down ur back and stall it on the back of ur neck.
"man josh did the rusty mike perfectly"
by ap March 15, 2005
The sexual act of a woman getting banged by two guys, while getting her vagina ate out.
That girl last night was freaky, she wanted the Special Big Mac and nothing else.
by AP August 02, 2004
Male ejaculate. Sticky stuff. 'säda' is the verb.
bagarn sädade i soffan.
det är säd i bagarns soffa.
by ap January 16, 2003

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