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A Road trip is a car trip that is defined by the word "trip". The trip is a not the journy but a feeling that you get after smoking to much.
i was driving up to Reno and i had a Road Trip. i started framing out and i almost took a one way offramp to the bottom of the mountain!!
by AP October 03, 2004
The appearance of a wedge in a woman's genital region resulting from tight fitting clothes.
The grandpa said Andria had a nice bearclaw.
by Ap March 12, 2005
The oldest form of 'dajto' that preceeds even 'dto'. An ap.
dito däckade under bordet på nyårsafton.
by ap January 16, 2003
rugby- cavemen type game played by those lackiing the skills needed for afl.
he plays rugby because he is too fat for afl
by ap April 18, 2005
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