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"Way of the Intercepting Fist"

An American martial art philosophy invented by Bruce Lee. JKD takes what is useful and assimilates it into it's arsenal. Of the martial arts, it is the least restrictive. Any one who practices JKD in the same way as Bruce Lee is doing it wrong, it is intended as a way of personal expression. Truely an American idea, it has no set techniques.

I'm tired and probably screwed this up, read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do by: Bruce Lee for the full scoop.
JKD, it sounds funny!
by AP January 04, 2004
An older form of 'dz'. An ap.
darknez likes girls.
by ap January 16, 2003
A vagina that has had its pubic hair removed by shaving or waxing.
Alison shaved her ferrot everyday.
by Ap March 12, 2005
the sun in Dutch
umbrella; sunshade - in English
zondek - in Dutch
zondek: zon - "sun", dek - "roof"
by AP December 23, 2003
A newer version of the old 'dito' and 'dto'. All terms indicates the same phenomenon though; a serious ap that likes korv.
dajto eats lots of korv for breakfast.
by ap January 15, 2003
swedish, bottled chocolate-milk. or an swedish dumbass. but most probably an serious ap that likes 'korv' (see definition of 'korv')
pucko likes korv.
by ap January 15, 2003
common for red sox nation,and Aaron Boone former Yankee player

when your close to cumming,then out of nowhere your getting it in your ass
as i was close to giving her some bukkake,she stuck her finger in my ass and gave me the Sneaky Boone..I had flashbacks of the 2003 ALCS all over again
by AP April 14, 2005

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