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(Latin): An exclamation of sorrow or anger; Oh no!, Oh dear!
Eheu! You just completely got your shit ruined! Eheu!!!1
by AP January 22, 2004
a bag of poop hanging from one's anus to catch poop as it uncontrolably spews out
my cat craps like crazy, he needs a poop sack
by ap April 15, 2004
This truck is a cross breed between a 89 ranger and some serious dispositions a freind may have twards his truck.

the Ranger label NOW reads ANGER due to serious beatings.
HAVE YOU SEEN FORD ANGER, well i have shit that truck sounds horrid, id be angry to. Take it to a muffler shop, i think your cat's cracked.
by AP October 04, 2004
Food for the Gods. Also a word that can describe numerous phenomenons and appears frequently in dialouges between so called 'aper' (see definition of 'aper').
dajto likes korv.
pucko has korv up his butt.
dz says "ni e ena korvar".
Ät en korv.
by ap January 15, 2003
"Nothing at all" in a derogatory way.
Similar to (but not as rude/crude as): Fuck all, Sod all or Bugger all
A lot stronger (but less funny) than: Zilch or Dibbly squit
You stayed in and did naff all today and you expect me to clean the house and cook dinner the minute I come back from work.
by AP November 25, 2004
Pipote means clitoris in a foreign indian language
Jessica Narlock showed us her pipote while belly dancing in a grass skirt, in India.
by Ap March 12, 2005
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