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1. A rapid spinal movement, followed by a snapping of the torso and the removal of a hispanic member of the class.
by AM June 24, 2004
slang for 'motherfucker stop poking me!'
'MOKOKE!' or 'You best MOPOKE!'
by AM March 18, 2005
Slang for 'motherfucker stop poking me!'
or MOPOKE fool!
by AM March 18, 2005
should be able to be heard
That song it totally buzzworthy; everyone should hear it.
by AM October 09, 2003
getting your period
shit man, angus had sex with her while she was on her rachael
by am March 10, 2004
A word used to describe the personality of a person; steeze is to personality as hott is to looks.
"That girl is ugly, but her steeze is off the charts."
by am February 06, 2004
To suck man paste out of the ass of some dirty girl, probabaly a gloucester bird.
johnny fletched his mum til she turned inside out
by AM November 12, 2003

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