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a 96 building project (not 6 building), forming a 6 block radius from its center in 41st avenue in between 21st street and vernon blvd in Queens NY. Currently the largest public housing complex in North America.
Im from Queensbridge, and I am still alive
by AM April 26, 2004
The hottest and sexiest and smartest, and cutest girl ever.
Yo.. that girl is a nitasha fo sure.
by AM August 31, 2004
fuck if I know
what are we going to do tonight? FIIK
by am December 30, 1999
Someone who smokes alot of pot but never ever has there own, therefore they are scavenging someone elses hard earned greens. Usually comes in late and asks the smoker to smoke him up(being the cheebahawk) Whining and begging is usually seen during this
"Hey smoke me up, Ill give you 2 bones"
"Come on dude, Ill give u 3 bones, and I'll smoke you up when I get buds"
by AM January 23, 2004
A contemporary spin on an old-fashioned potluck in which contests, themes, and other craziness is added to make the event more interesting.
Matt is having a hardcore potluck at his place, sweet!
by AM October 07, 2005
When used as an insult, means "You perv" while hentai means more "You sick-minded, disgusting freak"

And it -does- mean lighter perversion, though western culture has twisted it.
"I'm waiting for something ecchi to happen"
by AM March 07, 2004
When in the doggy style position, the guy spits on partner's back (which she thinks is cum). Then turns her around and blows a big cum shot on her face.
She just received a Great Houdini.
by AM April 07, 2004
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