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The BEST GIRL in the world, she is life and I love her so much. She can make you laugh till u piss urself. Even tho she goes to MVP thats ok we stil love her

aka: weiner
That tini girl is so hott
by AM April 23, 2005
Created by Kyles dad. Used to exclamate a burn.
A: So the other day my teacher told me to do my homework, and then i was all like "why don't YOU do your homework, biatch!"
B: Whaweuh!
by am July 14, 2004
The friends of my son who hang out at my house, raiding the fridge, watching tv, playing video games, occassionally smoking weed, mostly unemployed and unmotivated. All around, a great bunch of kids.
When I arrived home from work today, the hoonyachs were, as usual, sprawled on the couch eating pizza and watching a Blazers game.
by am January 21, 2004
A combination of Kung-Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Tai-Chi and Yogic Meditation it involves razor precise movements of the forearms and is very difficult to master, as King Roger has discovered. After months of practising he is still only at the level of First Jam. There are seventeen Jams to pass through before you achieve the level of Grandmaster, each one is a test of such things as survival, bravery and cookery!
Rodger used JimJamYAHA to knock am man from his bike without touching him.
by Am June 18, 2004
1. The best place for a 15 year old boy to hook up with a infinitely more intelligent 14 year old artsy-girl.

2. The place were ledgends are born.

3. The best place to christen a new high school.

4. The place where my best friend hooked up with a girl that I didn't like.
I'm so dissapointed in you, I couldn't believe you would sink so low as to hook up with dumb boy in the Art Room Closet.

At North, the best place to hook up is the Art Room Closet.
by AM December 09, 2004
A positive reference to the past when good things happend
I got fucked every night...those were the days.
by am May 22, 2004
Means erupting volcano...pissed off and a pain in the back side most times...
I am different...!
by AM May 26, 2004

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