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The capital city of Ukraine. Where the national soccer team for Ukraine plays. The birthplace of ME!
Kiev, the greatest city that was ever created!
by AK March 30, 2005
a person who will always be mad at me.
avni is permanently mad at me.
by ak August 03, 2004
n. Synonym of Semen or Cum. Can be used for many sayings. Just replace the word Semen, Cum, or Yogurt.
"Shut the fuck up Joe you pile of Cockpuke!"
"Dude, you know how much Cockpuke that bitch stores in her stomach?"
"I would rather drink a warm bucket of Cockpuke."
by AK November 10, 2004
i'll fuck ur mom (in Armenian)
i'll fuck ur mom - yes bidi mayrt kounem .
by ak August 27, 2003
A very rich and populated city in New Jersey. Home to the amazing cars and hot girls!
Screw this, I'm going to Marlboro!
by AK August 08, 2004
Laughing out loud
He started baggin' up when his friend tripped and fell in some mud
by AK July 22, 2003
The act of being late; usually homosexually oriented.
Jeff was so corvasi to class today because he was walking around with his boyfriend.
by AK October 12, 2004

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