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One of America's poorest states. New Yorkers who claim to be "tolerant" and then make jokes about Appalachians which they would never dare make about blacks or gays deserve a hard punch in the face.

West Virginia has been screwed and betrayed by the rich Bi-Coastal fat cats.

Witness the way the Elites behaved towards Jessica Lynch; they competed to exploit her. The CIA, the Pentagon, Tim Robbins, the Feminists, the Right, the Left, the media, the Metropolitan Elite...all GUILTY of RAPING Jessica Lynch.

Someday, there will be vengeance.
Chuck Yaeger, John Nash, Homer Hickam, Jessica Lynch are famous West Virginians, and are vastly superior to any of the worhtless, parasitic New York intelectuals.

West Virginians don't rape sheep, but New Yorkers raped Jessica Lynch.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
DOA is a series of fighting games. DOA1 was made using Virtua Fighter engine, the Saturn version of DOA1 is better than the Playstation version, which has no backdrops.
DOA2 is the best of the series.
DOA Volleyball is actually quite a subversive game; how many games can make boys interested in what girls wear?
It has shown many males why girls are so picky with clothes! And there are many females who are not offended by it at all, and happily play the game.
Of the DOA girls, the adorable Hitomi is in my view the prettiest, because she looks like a real girl.
If anything, the game is sexist against men; the male characters are reduced to a supporting role, and are rather dull.
The Dreamcast version of Dead Or Alive 2 is graphically superior to the rubbish PS2 version.

Hitomi is the sweetest and cutest DOA girl, and the most real.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
From the movie "The Last Starfighter", the Death Blossom is a uni-directional super weapon which fires all over the place, hitting everything within range.
If you are taking on a whole bunch of people, you could be said to be doing a "Death Blossom".
Some would say that Jessica Lynch used a "Death Blossom" to damage Neo-Cons, Feminists, the Right, and the Left, simultaneously.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
Black Wall Street is The Game's new record label. It will be part of the Interscope/Aftamath/Shady/G-Unit empire and will specialize in new age west coast gangsta rap.
Yo, Game gonna hook his homies from the corner of Wilmington and Brazil in West side Compton with contracts on Black Wall Street.
by A guy February 24, 2005
Weebl is NOT an egg, if you push an egg, it will fall down, if you push weebl, he will wobbl, like the popular childs toys Weebles!
n00b: lolol look at teh egg wid pi3!!11!
notan00b: no, weebl is a weeble, not an egg, fucknut!
by a guy June 01, 2004

1:An archaic obsolete german word that roughly translates to "shards of glass" or "shards".
2: Something that has a lot to do with TVs
3: Creator of the Digital Matrix Forums
Copyright to Vitros.
by A guy March 25, 2005
Ex-Admin of www.paintballforum.com see nazi
Avanters banned and modded people and screwed up the forum. He's a nazi.
by A guy June 17, 2004

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