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To take a large dump on someones car hood or windshield.
When Bob found out that his girlfriend was sleeping with his old roomate, he left a Detroit Steamer on her new Nissan
by M Opps January 13, 2007
49 11

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see Hot Carl.

When a person takes a dump on another person's face. The dumpee may or may not have saran wrap covering their face.
We decided to do something different, so I gave her a Detroit Steamer.
by a guy February 21, 2004
17 25
When someone defecates on the naked chest of another in the dead of winter, causing the feces to steam.
I'm not sure, but I think I gave this random chick a Detroit Steamer last night at Jason's party.
by M-Dogg82 November 24, 2006
7 19