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Another word for a female referred to as a hoe. It serves as a replacement for the word since it is not widely used yet. The term skally comes from scally, which is a lowlife that no one cares about. The term skally spelled with a k is basically the same, but specifically referring to the female gender.
Call dem skallies up yo. Im ready to kick it with those hoez! Im fuckin a skally tonight!
by J Herz November 12, 2007
Slum-lording, desperate females that prey upon innocent young blacked out males (ages 19-24). They lure their prey using overbearing, relentless physical contact that no incoherent man can resist.
Guy 1 "Dude, that Skally's all over Steve. Should we help him?"

Guy 2: "Nah. Its too late for him."

Guy 1: "God's speed man. God's speed"
by James Westfall-Reagan July 27, 2013
A woman/girl who is sexually liberated.
That girl is a skally.
by NEAhh April 21, 2007
woman, female, womanlike, womanish, an adult female person
That skally is mad brolick
That woman is very fat
by Gail Emanuelson August 02, 2006
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