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A cell phone provider catering to the urban (black) population. Distinguishes it self from other carriers with its features and phone selection (NIGR,PMP) Also the phones are in the shape of a johnson with a ballsack as the mouthpiece.
White Guy: Hey, are you on Verizon?

Black Guy:FUCK NO!! I'm T-Nigg.
by 6degrees September 04, 2007
Playing a video game with no object or idea how the game is played. Shooting other players at random, causing a general mess of things.
That bitch was hoebaging our raid last night.
by 6degrees August 05, 2007
To be raped by a gay man. Usually said at the point of insertion.
Oh, baby welcome to johnsonville.
by 6degrees August 05, 2007
A guy that has the perks of being a boyfriend (handholding, huging and touching) but is not considered the boyfriend by the girl or her inner circle of friends.
Dude:Is he her boyrfriend?

Other Dude:Nope He is her Douchebag.
by 6Degrees May 28, 2008

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