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4 definitions by 21-7-b

1. A derogatory term for the left end of the political spectrum describing new age communists. The original basis for the term Neocon. 2. Most commonly used on Fark.com to describe the leftwing wacko fringe. 3. Sometimes spelled as Neocom.
"I wish you Neocomms would think before you spouted your hate-America-first crap." -Flipper the Dolphin
by 21-7-b April 24, 2005
83 19
1.Idealistic conservative who frequents Fark.com and points out the errors of liberals. Famous for pointing out to self-proclaimed progressives that they are a neocomm in all but name. The name originally was an homage to the flip-flopping ways of John Kerry.

2. Name of a dolphin on a children's show on American television in the 1960's.
"Flipper the Dolphin was right! Again!" - Heap
by 21-7-b April 26, 2005
35 20
1. Mom I Would Not Like to Fuck

2. Opposite of more common MILF.
Have you seen Melissa Joan Hart lately? She got all fat from her pregnancy and is now a MIWNLF.
by 21-7-b January 12, 2006
20 12
1. Something that isn't really true but is wished by people to be true when making a point on Fark. Usually used by liberals to attack conservatives.

2. Fake, but accurate.
Howard Dean was being Farktual when he said Bush lied.
by 21-7-b December 27, 2005
6 7