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The l337 process of sexual intercourse.
The l337 gamer dreamed of being s3x0red up by the hentai bitch.
by 1337 June 01, 2003
equipment used to sabotage zig space fighter carriers in 2101, and impair grammar and speech.
"someone set up us the"
by 1337 November 06, 2003
the joy of farming.
saluting a farmer.
what you say instinctively when you see a tractor on the road.
dude 1 : "ooh arr"
dude 2 : "wtf"
dude 1 : "dude its a tractor!"
dude 2 : "OOH ARR!"
by 1337 November 11, 2003
Balagi ize teh ghey wc3 gamer and dates teh chastitty. he is known for posing on account "holysamurai)"
lets tk balagi
by 1337 April 14, 2004
On (the)

Created by the 1337 to stop the spread of lol.
That was so funny, i was rofflmfao.
by 1337 October 06, 2004
A multi-purpose word. For one thing it is the last name of one of the most 1337 motorbike racers around and for another it can be substituted for the word bitch.
geebus that guy was a biagi
by 1337 June 25, 2003
A person playing a mud that really sucks and stuff
Also a person
Bille Bille Bille
What the fuck were you thinking Bille
Kursta is a bitch (Unrelated but to true)
Bille "got muddy" with Chalik what twinks
by 1337 April 07, 2004

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