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(verb or noun)

To use menstrual blood in/as an offensive tactic OR engage in positive sexual activity where menstrual blood is involved (usu. fetish pornography)
"Dude, I was on my period and this guy was ticking me off so bad that I wanted to Bourdain all over him."


"She was on her period but we both like to make love anyway. So what if I am going to get a Bourdain ?"
by Angie F. March 19, 2008
1.) Talking shit about vegans

2.) Cheating on your wife

Dude, my sister was talking about animal cruelty when I brought home my double cheeseburgers and I almost pulled a Bourdain on that girl!


I don't have the heart to tell Shelly that Steve is Bourdaining behind her back.
by Hollz! August 08, 2008
to eat adventurously. A reference to Anthony Bourdain, chef and author of iA Cook's Tour/i.
My friend went Bourdain and ate the cobra heart.
by 1337 February 17, 2005

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