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A beast in every aspect of his life. Whether it's in the gym, in work or in the bedroom, this guy is top of the class.

He's a big headed, know-it-all who always means well.

He is loyal and loving underneath his tough and gruff exterior, and will protect all he loves.

He is hyperactive and full of energy, but as soon as his head hits the pillow, he leaves a nice big drool patch and turns the pillow over in the morning hoping you won't notice.

He is best friend material.

He is the boyfriend who will still call you beautiful at 8am when you first wake up, and will still love you when you're being annoying and embarrassing.

He loves dogs , trainers and fashion more than he loves people.

He loves impersonations of animals such as whales, rhinos and puppy dogs.

His big blue eyes are captivating against his dark, rugged features.

Totally amazing in bed.
'OMG he's so perfect, he must be called Avesta'

'Wow look at that guy benching 1000kg, he such an Avesta!'

'This dog has been running in circles for hours, must have avestatitis'
by Statuserror May 28, 2015
A counter-strike player who thinks he isn't mexican but is very mexican.
"Dude, there's that mexican Avesta"
by 1337 June 12, 2004
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